Embroidery for Judo Belt

Judo Belt Embroidery

We will embroider your Judo Belt.

Please choose the color and the quantity of embroideries you want.

Please write down your embroidery content on the text area below.

You can choose between a normal stitch or a blind stitch. The blind stitch take 3 weeks of production time. Discover why on this page.

Different type of font:

  • Block (written with Latin alphabet) – KUSAKURA
  • Script (written with Latin alphabet) – Kusakura
  • Katana (Japanese syllabic alphabet) – クサクラ
  • Kanji (Japanese characters) – 九櫻

If you don’t know how to write your name in Katakana, write it in English and we will translate it for you.

Blind Stitch KuSakura



Front | Back


Gold and Silver Colors

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