Judo Timer

Judo Timers are essential tools in the training process of Japanese Judoka. We can found them in almost every Dojo, even at the Kodokan.

Following a strong demand, the world reknowned brand of sport timers, Seiko, have even created some model especially dedicated to Judo.

We currently have 2 models, adapted to the foreign market with electric transformers and all the controls and manual in English.

Judo Timer – JH-701 by Seiko

Perfectly adapted to competitions and trainings.

Controls and Manual are in English. Provided with an electric transformer.

JH-701: ¥98,000

Sports & Judo Timer – JH-040 by Seiko

Timer ideal  for training, can be used for different activities.

Controls and Manuals are in English. Electric transformer & Remote controller provided.

JH-040: ¥55,000

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