This is the perfect place to find a souvenir or a gift for you or your Judo fellowers. Most of the accessories shown here are exclusivities only available to our Tokyo Showroom. So, you might not find them anywhere else.


Created from a Black Belt (Obi).  We have embroidered some of the most famous Judo’s motto.
We can also embroidered, special messages, names or even techniques (Waza). In English or in Japanese.

Bag Tag:  ¥800


Reduced version of a Judogi. This accessory is made of the same fabric and weaving than any Judogi.

Contrary to the Mini Judogi you can find in our catalog, this one is a Showroom exclusivity, cause of its Zekken (name plate) and the famous red “S”

Mini Judogi White or Blue:  ¥800


An other useful Judo accessory only available in our Showroom.

This discreet coin pocket is essential when you do not want to have permanently your wallet with you during seminar or training camp per example.

Judogi Coins Pocket:  ¥800

Judo Strap

Extremely widespread in Japan, the Straps are items often hooked to mobile phones.

Even if, it is not its primary function you can still use it as a keyholder.

Judogi Checker KuSakura

Judogi Checker – Sokuteiki – JH9 – SHOWROOM EXCLUSIVITY

An essential item for any clubs which have competitors. It allows you to know if the Judogi worn by your competitors are standard to the IJF rules.

Approved by the All Japan Judo Federation

Sokuteiki: ¥8,000