How to Pre-order

On this page, you will find out how to pre-order to KuSakura Showroom.

1- You know, you will come soon to Japan. You can directly buy our product to our Showroom.

We know that most of our customers do not stay too long around the Kodokan area (the Showroom is 5 min of walk from the Kodokan).
So, to make it easier we made a pre-order form, where you can directly tell us in which products you are interested in.

To realise a pre-order, go to this page, fill up the form with your information following the instructions. Do not forget to select Pre-order as Subject.

You want to pre-order a Judogi but you do not know your Judogi size:
It is not a problem, give us as much as data you can: Height, Weight, Arm Length, Waist, Leg Length.

2- You want to order our products but you can not come to Japan

We invite you to go to our partner’s website: Kusakurashop
They are specialists for exporting our goods, and their team is composed by people that can speak at least 2 or 3 languages. We totally trust them for their quality of service.