Changing PRICE
Our price changed from 2023.
We appreciate your understanding.
About changing business hours
From the end of May 2022, Saturday and Sunday business hours have changed from 11:00 AM.
We will keep working to become a showroom that everyone is satisfied.
Health Protocol
When you come to our Showroom, we will do a temperature check, and wearing a mask is mandatory.
Moreover, all the Judogi worn are sterilized after the trying. 
Online Shopping

We just started our Online Shopping page. You can now order our best IJF Approved products – Judogi and Belts – and even customize them.
Directly send from Japan
Youtube Channel and Instagram Page
We just started our Youtube channel, we are posting tutorials and presentation videos for KuSakura products. 九櫻kusakura is the name of our channel.

And on our Instagram page, we are posting some news about KuSakura staff and nice pictures. The page name is kusakura_showroom

Don’t hesitate to check on our Youtube and Instagram
About changing business hourPRICE

Welcome to the website of KuSakura’s Showroom based in Tokyo. On this website you can discover all the products available in our Showroom.

KuSakura is an internationally know brand which is reputed for doing the best Judogi (Judo Kimono) in the world. Producing their Judogi by itself in its workshop in Japan, at Osaka. KuSakura is proud of its know-how and its century of experience.

On the website, you can even Pre-order products available at our Showroom, through our contact form. 

Come and visit us! 

To find your new Judogi!

We are open from 1:00 PM to 6:00 PM.  We only close on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Do not hesitate to come to the showroom and discover some of the lastest KuSakura products, or our limited edition products.

  KuSakura Showroom, 

3F, 1-13-2 Hongō, Bunkyō-ku, Tōkyō-to 113-0033


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